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About Maveco Stone Machinery

   Maveco Stone Machinery was founded in 1985, is the legal owner of former "Van Voorden Machine fabriek" since 2004, and is a proud Vendor of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    Maveco is specialized in the developing and manufacturing natural stone quarrying and processing equipment. Maveco supplies highly innovative quality machinery and equipment, which is used to process different kinds of natural stones such as sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, slate and quartzite. Maveco also offer Van Voorden Machine spare parts, maintenance and inspections, retrofits, modifications and overhauling, delivery, and reallocation of machinery.
    Maveco's main customers are large natural stone processing companies and quarry owners in England, Belgium, Russia, India, Vietnam Kenya and Senegal. Maveco supplies quarrying equipment and complete processing lines to these customers. Smaller processing equipment (for the production of countertops, sills, bathroom interiors, etc.) is mostly sold to the Dutch and Belgium stone processing companies.
    To adjust to globalization and the changing economic situation, Maveco made a shift in their strategic focus. They are now focusing on developing innovative machinery, customizing innovative technology, specialty projects, and quick response repair and maintenance.
   Maveco outsources Castings in low cost countries like China and Romania, Coordination of assembling activities. Manufacturing of essential parts, innovative development, customization and overall project management takes place in The Netherlands to ensure the quality according to CE regulations. Essential in this strategy is the ability to offer all clients Quality Stone Machines with lower cost and short delivering time.

Maveco Stoneworking Machinery / Van Voorden Machinefabriek

   In 2003, Maveco Stone Machienry started the acquisition of Machienry Van Voorden. In 2004, Maveco officially become the owner of former Van Voorden Stone Machinery and get all the drawings and machines. Since then Maveco Stone Machinery offers all Van voorden  stone machines and related services.

History Maveco
  Maveco Stone Working Machinery BV was established and started to produce Machines
  Development of a machine for wrapping of tobacco
  Received a large order for stamp sheets Daf SP Development of a machine for wrapping labels
  Construction of flexo printing press Ninun and Acquisition of M.F. Heldra
  Construction of new 5800㎡ industrial building and Commissioning of jet-spraying hall
  Acquisition of Van Voorden Stone Machinery with all rights of drawings and the machines. Received two large total production line orders in the lime industry
  Maveco decided to focus only on stone processing machines and sold tobacco business to VDL Group
  Received large order for a fully automated production line and moved to industrial building in Reusell
  Maveco closes a dealership with Dal Prete Engineering and Rasnel Laser
  Maveco Stone Machinery Limited UK erected to give efficient local support to customers

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