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Edge Polishing Machine

Edge Polisher Super Pro

Positioned horizontal: 8 - 12 units

Positioned chamfer: Under 45°

Grinding and polishing thickness: 100 mm

Grinding and Polishing: 1450 rev/min, 2.2 kw (can be operated separately)

"SF"grinding adapter: 130 - 150 mm

Operation Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz + 0

The machine is pneumatically operated; the bottom facet units are equipped with opposite pressure regulation for weight compensation. Both top & bottom facet units are equipped with adjustable depth stops. Each unit is equipped with an automatic detection for the end's abrasive.

Edge Polisher Mercurius

Overall dimensions: 5650 x 2900 x 2450 mm

Table dimensions: 3650 x 1220 mm

Length material: 300 - 3650 mm

Min. width material: 200 mm

Thickness at round edge: 20-150 mm

Thickness at flat edge: 20 - 80 mm

Approximate weight: 4500 kg

Operation Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz + 0

Main motor power: 1.5 / 1.9 kw

Main motor speed: 2pcs, 1450/2850 rpm

Grinding spindle: 50 mm

Water consumption: 2.7 m³/h

Tool diameter: 100 - 130 mm

Tool thread: 5/8 -11 NC

Turning movement: 0-180 degrees

Rise and fall: 110 mm

Edge Polisher EPBO

Contour Milling and Polishing Unit

Squirrel cage motor: 7.5 kw

Speed Range: 700-3000 R/min

Diameter: 150 mm 

Maximum: 250 mm

Transverse displacement: 350 mm

Grinding unit for flat sides

Squirrel cage motor: 7,5 kw

Speed: 700 R/min

Attach on plateaus diameter: 250 mm

Number of plateaus: 5pieces

Hand perating 

Stone thickness range: 40-150mm

DC motor Driven: 0.75kW

Speed infinitely: 0.50-7.50 m/min

Rail Length: 11.500 mm

Table Dimension: 8000 x 1000 mm

Operating voltage 400 V, 50 Hz + 0

Edge Polisher Marathon

Short circuited motor 1450r.p.m. 1.5kw

Grinding and polishing wheels diameter 130mm

Max, slab thickness: 80-100mm

Horizontally fitted 6nos

Bevelled edge at  top: 2 nos

Bevelled edge at  bottom: 1nos

Each unit provided with short circuited motor 2800r.p.m. 0.75kw

Grinding and polishing wheels diameter: 100mm

Driven by short circuited motor (speed steplessly regulable/frequency control): 1.5kw

Steel construction, suited for slab lengths up to 3.5m

Provided with: rubber table cover, pneumatically controlled clamping device(equipped with 13 clamping cylinders) for securing the stone against displacement, min. width 140mm

Required working pressure 6 bars

Pneumatic pressure adjustment allows each unit to put into or out of operation separately

Edge polishing machine Saturnus (for thick block)

Horizontally grinding/polishing heads: 5pcs

Driven by short circuited motor: 4kw

Working slab thickness: 20-200mm

45° fitted grinding/polishing heads: 4pcs (2 pcs on top and 2 pcs on the bottom for making bevelled edges)

45° short circuited motor: 2800r.p.m., 0.75kw

Grinding and polishing wheels 100mm

Table dimension: 3500x1000mm

Block size: 900x100x100mm

Frame driven by short circuited motor: 1.5kw

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