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Bridge Saw

Bridge Saw BSR 1200

Overall dimensions: 6000 x 5000 x 4200mm
Table dimension: 3000 x 1600mm
Main motor power: 22kw
Water consumption: 4 m³/hr
Approximate weight: 6,500kg
Max. Cutting size: 3000 x 1600 x 450mm
Diameter of blade: 1000-1200mm
Blade vertical stroke: 500mm
Table rotating degree: 0°-360°
Table size 3mx1.6m
Fixation points on 0-90-180-270 and a manual brake to fixate in every position.
Saw table rotatin through roller bering; Top surface equipt with wooden strips

Bridge Saw BSR 2500/3000

Specification BSR3000

Overall Dimension: 7300(L)x3800(W)x6100(H)mm

Max. Cutting size: 2500(L)x1800(W)x1350(H)mm

Main Motor Power: 37-65kw

Max. Diameter of blade: 3000mm

Max. Number of blades: 1piece

Recommended thickness of balde: 8mm

*The saw can be produced according to clients request, e.g. 2.2meter/2.5m with 10-11m long rails 

This machine is designed for sawing several high blocks in an automatic program. You can use the saw also overnight with unmanned operation due to the safety features

Used Stone Cutting Machine Portick

Saw Diameter: 725 mm and 900 mm 

Cutting Depth: 260 mm and 325 mm 

Saw head up to 45 degrees  

Cutting Range: 3500 x 1980 mm 

Moveable saw head over a fixed bridge with conduction, width 2100 mm 

Peripheral speed can be adjusted using inverters 

Height adjustment 750 mm, automatically adjustable 

Saw trolley is moveable, on rail length 6500 mm and is electric driven 

The Used Van voorden Portick Saw was traded from UK, 70% new, in good condition with NEW CONTROL SYSTEM, as you can see from the actual picture taken from our showroom. this Portick Saw is good for cutting marble, granite or any other similar material. 

Bridge Saw BSR 1600A

Voltage According to client requirements
Overall Dimension: L7400 x W3800 x H6100mm
Max. Cutting size: 3000X1800mm
Main Motor Power: 30kw
Max. Diameter of blade: 1600 mm
Max. No. Of blades: 1piece
Max. Vertical stroke: 1350mm
Crossbeam length: 6500mm
Diameter of horizontal blade: 400-600mm optional
Main motor power for horizontal blade: 11kw 
Approximate weight: 9500kg
Optional vertical stroke of horizontal cutting column: 850mm
Water consumption: 6m³/h


Bridge Saw BSR 400/600/700

Overall Dimension: 6000(L) x5000 (W) x2800/2800/3360(H)mm
Max. Cutting size: 3200(L) x2000 (W) x80/180/230(H)mm
Table Dimension: 3200(L) x2000 (W)mm
Main Motor Power: 15 - 18.5kw
Max. Diameter of blade: 350-400-600-700mm
Blade rotation: 0°-45°
Table titling degree: 0°-85°
Table rotating: 0° / 90° / 180° / 270°
Water consumption: 4m³/h

Bridge Saw Portick 1/2

Main motor power: 18/22 kW
Saw diameter: 900/1200 mm
Sawing depth: 325/440 mm
Peripherical speed: 45 m/sec
Sawing reach: 3000 x 2100 mm
Movement saw car: 1.5 kW
Movement saw head: 0.55/0.75kw - 1.5 kW
Rotation saw head: 0 - 90 degrees
Rise and fall: 750 mm
Motor power rise and fall: 1.1 kW
Mitre: 0 - 45 degrees
Saw table Dimensions: 3000 x 1980 mm
Max. load: 6000 kg
Rail length: 6500 mm
*The Saw has several program possibilities

Bridge Cutting Machine Gamma 3

Main motor power: 11/15 kW
Rotation speed: 1450/950 rpm
Saw diameter: 400 / 600 mm, 600 / 800 mm
Sawing depth: 85 / 185 mm, 165 / 265 mm
Horizontal rotating: 0 - 90 degrees
Vertical rotating: 0 - 90 degrees
Sawing reach: 3.50 x 1.80 m
Power movement motors: 1.5 kW
Rise and fall: 450 mm
Power rise and fall motor: 0.18 kW
Table dimension: 3.5 x 1.8m

Bridge Saw Sigma 3

Main Saw Motor:  13/16kw
Diameter of blade: 725 mm
Cutting depth: 260 mm
Diameter of milling wheel: 400 mm
Sawing reach: 3,500 x 3,500 mm
Rail length: 5,000 mm
Movement motors power: 1.5 kW
Rise and fall: 680 mm
Rise and fall motor power: 1.1 kW
Miter: 0 - 45 degrees
Miter motor power : 1.1 kW
Turntable dimensions: 3500 x 1800 mm
Table rotation: 0 -180 degrees
Table max. load: 5000 kg

Bridge Saw BSB 1200/1600/2000

Main motor power: 22/37 kw
Peripheral speed: 35-45 m/sec
Diameter of blade: 1200/1600/2000 mm
Sawing reach: 3.5 x 3.5 mm
Rise and fall: 1200mm
Foundation and Rail: 5m
Bridge rail length: 5m
Operation Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz 
Table dimensions: 3.3x1.5 / 3.0x1.5 m
Table max. load: 8,000 kg
Laser: 30mW Red colour
Touch screen program

Bridge Cutting Machine BSM

Main motor power: 8 kW
Peripheral speed: 40 m/s
Diameter of blade: 600 mm
Max. Cutting depth: 200 mm
Sawing reach: 2,000 x 600 mm
Rise and fall: 600 mm
Approximate weight: 1,500 - 2,000 kg
Table dimensions: 2,000 x 1,700 mm
Height from floor: 900 mm
Rotation lifting tables: 0 - 50 degrees
Width lifting tables: 250 mm
Include a laser and an automatic saw program

Bridge Cutting Machine Router 4

Rotation speed saw / milling motor: 1450 rpm
Main router-cutter motor power: 5 kW
Rotation speed router-cutter motor: 9000 kW
Rise and fall: 1000 mm
Horizontal and vertical rotation: 0 -360 degrees
Diameter of wheel: 300 mm
Cutting depth: 50 mm
Diameter: 52 mm
Sawing length and reach: 3500 mm
Diameter of blade: 600 mm
Cutting depth: 200 mm
Table dimensions: 3500 x 1800 mm
Table max. load: 10,000 kg
Max lifting power: 3200kg

Bridge Saw Sigma-5 1200/1600

1200 / 1600
Main motor: 30 kW/37kW
Saw diameter: 1200 mm / 16mm
Sawing depth: 440 mm / 625mm
Peripherall speed: Marble 45 m/sec - Granite 35 m/sec
Short circuited motor raise and Fall 700 mm / 1.1 kW
Miter up to 45degrees by a 1.1 kw short circuited motor with brake
The rise and fall works also in mitre position, then hard material can be sawn Bridge rail length 3,50 x 3,50 m - 6,00 m
Sawing movement with saw head, transversal movement with the bidge

Bridge Saw Half Portick 1-2/3

Main motor power: 11 kW
Saw diameter: 600 mm
Sawing depth: 200 mm
Peripherical speed: 45 m/sec
Sawing reach: 2,500 x 1,500 mm
Movement saw car: Hand driven
Movement saw head: 0.75 kW
Rotation saw head: 0 - 90 degrees
Rise and fall: 500 mm
Motor power rise and fall: 1.1 kW
Mitre: 0 - 45 degrees
Table dimensions: 2,500 x 1,180 mm
Table max load: 6,000 kg
Rail length: 5000mm

Bridge Saw BS-CNC

Saw blade diameter: 400-625mm
Power of main motor: 11 - 15kw
Power of head rotation motorkw: 1.5kw
Power of pump motor: 2.2kw
Power of lifting motor: 1.5kw
Power of Crossbeam shifting motor: 2.2kw
Cutting thickness: 0-180mmWorking platform: 3200 x 2000mm
Water consumption: 2m³/h
Blade hold head rotate: 0-270°
Length of rip cutting: Max 3200mm
Weight: 6500kg

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